Sunday, November 9, 2008

COMET Line Throwing Appliance

Line throwing appliance fires a lifeline or communication line from a ship in distress or lifeboat to a rescue ship or the shore and vice versa.

COMET is a leading brand for line throwing appliance. Their newest model is definitely an improvement from their previous model. The newest model is compact, less cumbersome and easy to use.

The self contained line throwing unit consisting of a weatherproof plastic casing with end caps; incorporating the handle and trigger.

The operating instruction, safety instruction and the expiry date of the projectile is shown on the casing

This is the trigger for the unit. The safety pin is to be removed before operation. Turn the knob either left or right to launch the projectile and the line

There is an end cap below the unit. The end cap must be removed before initiating the trigger.

It can fire a lifeline 230m away in distance. The lifeline has a length of 320m or more and is made of a material that does not kink

There is a round styrofoam block that hold the projectile down to its resting point. Remove it to reveal the projectile

The projectile has a lifespan of 3 years. The manufacturing and expiry date can be found imprinted on it

This is where the projectile resting in the casing. Turning the trigger will activate this triggering mechanism.

This is where the triggering mechanism will strike and causing the projectile to fire.

To prevent the lifeline from being burnt as it is fired, the line is connected to a thin steel wire to the rear side of the projectile

It is a mandatory requirement for all merchant ship to carry 4 units of line throwing appliance onboard.


Anonymous said...

wow, so complicated for me to understand the equipment, but now at least i know you are in the shipping line.

I AM A BLOGGER said...

ooo, it is a life-saving equipment on the sea.

Kuching Remisier Blog said...

this kind of things i will never see for my entire life i think.. hahaha