Thursday, November 27, 2008

Penang International Airport

Penang International Airport is the gateway to Penang. The airport is situated at Bayan Lepas area and hence sometime it is called Bayan Lepas International Airport. The airport is about 16Km away from Georgetown, the capital city of Penang.

Here are some of the shots when my aircraft landed and depart from the airport

Foker 50, operated by Fireflyz. This aircraft will be phased out in stages and replaced with ATR aircraft.

The new ATR 72-500 operated by the Fireflyz

This is the arrival hall of the airport. There is a convenience store, food court and banks at the arrival hall. Taxi coupon can be purchased from the green booth. Taxi fee to Georgetown will cost RM38 and Butterworth at RM60.

After picking up the luggage, keep a lookout for free Penang map and (In Penang) magazine which are useful. The map is very comprehensive and the magazine will highlight the latest interesting events on the island. It can be found at the shelves, in way of custom check point, just before one exit the claim luggage room.

Tourist Information counter can also be founded here, at the arrival hall.

I also found out Rapid Penang buses also now service the airport from Weld Quay and Komtar. This might be the best way to travel for budget traveller.

This is the depatrure level. There is a convenience store, McDonalds, souvenir shops and etc here. There used to be Nandos but been replaced with the 24 hours McDonalds.

Check in counters and baggage screening area. The check in area had been enlarged since my last visit to this airport, earlier this year.

Marine life photos can be found at the ceiling of the airport.

There is an aquarium nearby the baggage screening machine. I sense most airports I visited in Malaysia had an aquarium.

All the international and domestic passenger share the same departure hall. There are more shops here for passenger to shop from stores selling toys, books, liquor, chocolate, watches, Penang biscuit, souvenir and many more. It's quite a good shopping experience here compare to some of the international airports in Malaysia.

I manange to capture some foreign airlines as well as our own national airline, Malaysia Airlines aircraft at the airport.

I was there early in the morning to catch an early flight and manage to capture the sunrise at the airport

Overall, Penang International Airport is one of my favourite airport in Malaysia. On average, I will be coming to this medium size airport every year and I hope it will continue to improve. I notice there are some renovation work carry on at the departure hall, around the toilet area.


Anonymous said...

never been there but it's look good. I like the aquariums, it really represent Penang! Btw, nice sunrise pics!

TZ said...

Dude, you are in Penang now??? :-)

Anonymous said...

Agree that Penang Airport is 1 of the nice airport after KLIA and KK International Airport. However when it comes to Penang, I would be more interested in Penang Food!

escape said...

you know what? penang is like the city of cebu in the philippines. it may not be the capital city yet it's progressing extensively.

Revarius said...

wow bro.. you're surely love to travel.. you got a lot of photo.. and now you post about an airport... nice picture you have there..

kegler747 said...

Thanks for these tips as I will go to Penang next year. I've been to Penang 2 years ago and based from your pictures the airport is now very well improved. It's great that there is a bus company that now service the airport. The last time I went there we took the regular unairconditioned bus from Komtar to the highway gate of the airport and walked very far to reach the terminal.

pusangkalye said...

what can I say----simple yet elegant. very Malay.....

Anonymous said...

hello travel lover ;-), really wanna come to penang after read u article.
whevener u come to visit jakarta, pls come to our bnb in kemang area.... ;-)

amycheah said...

Hi, came to know u thru' Kikey's blog. Well, I'm staying nearby Penang Airport only...

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