Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Songs of the Sea

I was rather surprised in the first place when I arrived at Sentosa Island as the previous musical fountain nearby the cable car plaza is no longer around. I had to asked a staff at Fort Siloso just find out musical fountain had been demolished to make way for the ongoing construction of the resort. What a shame.

The musical fountain was therefore replaced with the new award winning nightly extravaganza set in the sea, called Songs of the Sea.

The venue is at the beach and can be reached via Sentosa Express to Beach Station. Otherwise, it is just about 10 minutes walk from Imbiah.

While around the area, again Sentosa's photographer will be hunting passer by for photo shoot around the area. Once again, there is no obligation to purchase the photos. One can view it and decide to purchase it or not. Somehow, the photos here sold at a much lower price than other locations on the island. We bought 4 pieces of these photos for SGD40.

Admission to the Songs of the Sea is SGD8 per person. There are 2 shows daily, 7.40pm & 8.40pm. It is advisable to purchase it early or all the seats will be taken. It's a free seating arrangement.

The story of this musical show is about Li, a young man gifted with a charming voice, is singing by the sea with his friends when he is stunned by a sudden vision of a beautiful sleeping girl, Princess Ami

Guided by a group of mischievous Sea Creatures, Li learns that she's under the spell of an enchanted village. With the help of Oscar, a cheeky tiger fish, he embarks on a gallant quest to break the spell and awaken Princess Ami

One can actually feel the heat of these flames

Along the way, he encounters the Lord of Fire, the Spirit of Light and the Lady of the Sea

Finally, Princess Ami had awaken

The entire show last about 25 minutes but it took like about 20-25 minutes for the visitors to get into the stage and get organized.

After finished watching the show, one will realize Oscar is not the main character after all in this musical drama.

For visitors who had been to Sentosa many years ago and watched the previous musical fountain, they could either hate or love Songs of the Sea. From my personal point of view, I still prefer the previous musical fountain


Anonymous said...

I watched the musical fountain some time back, never watch this one before. Maybe will try it when I go back to Sentosa again.

Jonathan said...

Hi,just drop down!!!
can wemake frenz?

Anonymous said...

I love the Songs of the Sea show. Luckily, we were seated front row center. Magical! :)

eunice said...

We were also seated in the front centre row, luckily not the other row cos they were splashed with quite alot of water! And I was with my camera.

Hey you are not the only one who didn't know the Musical Fountain was defunct. We also had been wondering if Songs of the Sea had replaced the Musical Fountain, as u know, Sentosa is very small, it's not hard to guess! haha. I didn't even confirm that only when I got home and checked from Internet!

I will link this post! My Songs of the Sea will be published today. =D

eunice said...

oh ya, u so rich ah! U bought 4 photos for $40! That's a 100 ringgit lor! can eat alot of good food in Malaysia! ahah But on behalf of the SG govt, I thank you for coming here as a generous tourist hahaha

They took our photo at Songs of the Sea too, but we didn't bother to see it and didn't buy cos we stingy haha =P

Anonymous said...

What a great show!

escape said...

BEACH!!! BEACH!!! i really enjoy looking at beautiful beaches. just look at that!

nice display of colors.

EJ said...

Interesting story! The place is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Love the beach area!

curryegg said...

Look like you are enjoying yourself there.. Thank for sharing those clips! great!

I wanna go there some day..

Me said...

helloo, doing my round in your blog