Thursday, September 16, 2021

My Quarantine Experience in Kuching

As announced by Sarawak government a day before, those who are fully vaccinated will no longer undergo the 14 days mandatory quarantine when entering Sarawak today.

About 6 months ago, I also underwent the mandatory quarantine process in Sibu and this time it will be in Kuching. I notice a slight difference how things are done in both places. 

Unfortunately for me, I didn't see that coming and I travelled to Kuching just a few days before the new directive and was subjected to the mandatory quarantine. 

After we stepped our feet at Kuching International Airport, we were segregated between Sarawakian and non Sarawakian. While standing in line, the Malaysia Civil Defense Department personnel will attach the bracelet on our left arm.

Back in Sibu, we put the bracelet on ourselves and the Malaysian Civil Defense Department personnel will trim the excess strap.

After the authority checked our e-health declaration, we had to filled out at the necessary forms. The quarantine order will state the duration of the quarantine. At this point, we still didn't know where our quarantine center will be. Back in Sibu, our quarantine center will be clearly stated in the quarantine order.

After clearing the immigration and picking up my luggage, I was directed to the waiting bus. Here, we were again segregated to Sarawakian and non Sarawakian. Once onboard, I still have no idea where is my quarantine center. 

Only when the police escorted bus passing through Sekama Road, I can shortlist a few hotels which will be our quarantine center before the bus finally came to a stop in front of Kuching Park Hotel. We were directed to a hall and filled a few paperwork and given a briefing by the Malaysian Civil Defense Department. There will be another swab test on Day 10 of our stay here.

I stayed in this hotel a few times before over the years and I know what to expect from staying here. After my horrendous quarantine hotel experience when I were in Sibu 6 months ago, I count myself lucky to be placed in Kuching Park Hotel.

The translucent plastic bags placed outside is actually refuse bag. The garbage collection differ from day to day but roughly around 8.30am until 11.30am. We will be given 2 plastic bags every day.

The room is what I expected, the way I remembered it from my last stay here. I am glad the room window can be opened to improve the air circulation inside the room.

The whole process from the time the aircraft landed and by the time I stepped into my room was about 3 hours.

Apparently the surrounding area of the hotel is also cordoned off hence member of public will not able to enter or park their car in front of the hotel.

A carton of water bottle (24 x 500ml) is provided in the room. This amount will not be enough for the 14 days duration. Back in Sibu, 1.5 liter of bottle water was provided every day.

Hence, it is always wise to standby a portable water purifier to ensure potable water is always available. 

There are enough sachets of coffee and tea to last the whole quarantine duration.

The food is satisfactory. Breakfast (6.30-7.30am), lunch (11.30am-12pm) and dinner (5pm - 6pm) are served on time every day.

The workstation table is a bit small to set up my laptops and other essentials. 

Our fate here is still in the dark with the latest entry directive. I hope the authority will end our quarantine period earlier, most probably 10 days and without any swab test if did not display any symptoms.

Update: We were released on the18th September 2021 due to the latest entry procedure where fully vaccinated traveler no longer need to be quarantined.

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suituapui said...

Aren't they going to let you get out of quarantine now that it is no longer necessary? Don't tell me there is no directive from above yet so nobody dares to do anything, just carry on as usual.