Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Grip6 Forged Carbon Fiber Belt

Having impressed with Grip6 classic belt, I decided to give its carbon series belt a try. With the carbon series, the belt buckle is made of carbon fiber and the strap is of element webbing strap. Due to the buckle material and a more premium strap, it comes at a price tag of USD79.

Carbon fiber is known for its lightweight and a comparison with their classic buckle which is made of aluminum shows a difference of 8.6g. This means the carbon fiber buckle is 34% lighter than the classic aluminum buckle. 

The carbon fiber buckle is made up of layers of premium grade carbon fiber composite and comes with unlimited lifetime warranty.

The carbon fiber buckle and its element webbing strap are sleek, light and strong when put on. With this belt, the wearer could just pass through the metal detector in the airport without the need to open the belt. 

The strap is also interchangeable with other Grip6 1.5" strap with similar locking mechanism. This is without a doubt my favorite belt to date.

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