Thursday, September 9, 2021

Morganfield's Revisited

It has been a while now since I dine in Morganfield's and this could be my last in many years to come.

Salted egg fish skin (RM 16.95) is an appetizer which goes well with beers. The fish skin is deep fried tossed with salted egg sauce, chili padi and curry leaves.

Fourplay (RM 39.95) is another appetizer to be enjoyed with friends during happy hour. It has sticky wings, Hakka fried pork, onion rings, salad and tortilla chips.

For something new, I opt for Balinese Style Baby Back (RM 66.95 with one side). This is one tasty ribs which is cooked in a blend of local spices. It almost tastes like char siew and I like it pretty much.

Another ribs that caught my attention is the Chili Ginger Baked Ribs (RM 49.95 with one side) where the ribs is packed in paper with chili ginger and baked till perfection. It ain't that spicy and definitely add variety to the ways the ribs are cooked.

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