Sunday, December 11, 2011

Singha Lager Beer

Singha is a Thai beer which I came across and bought for RM 9.89 from Cold Storage some time ago.

The Singha is a mythical lion and was chosen as the symbol for this beer. The Garuda symbol on the bottleneck is a symbol of Thailand's royalty and Boon Rawd Breweries is the only Thai brewery to be granted Royal Permission to display it.

It is brewed with water, malt and hops. The alcohol content is at 5% of its volume. The filling date and its expiry date is printed on the label and it can deduced that it has 1 year shelf life.

It pours to a pale straw yellow with low carbonation rising up. The head did not last very long though.

The taste is clean and light with some malt and a mild bitter finish. It's an easy to drink beer with virtually no aftertaste.

It is not the best beer around as it is bland but refreshing.


soulesscloudy said...

i like this one.. but cant see any bottle..

PWT Health Tips said...

Awesome post