Saturday, December 24, 2011

2011 Sibu Town Square Christmas Trees

After admiring the Christmas decorations around KL and Selangor, nothing will be complete for me without going back to my hometown and see with my very own eyes the annual Christmas Trees in Sibu Town Square.

This year, about a dozen of Christmas trees lined up at the town square. All the trees here are set up by the local churches here.

There ain't much fancy Christmas trees compare to the previous years as churches usually have limited financial resources to put up an extravagant trees.

However, I am impressed with their resourcefulness as some of these trees are made up from plastic bottles, bamboo, leaves, reusable grocery bags and even umbrellas. Some of the end products really amaze me.

The best part is probably the messages on each of the trees which the churches try to convey to the public. This is really a nice touch as I believe it really reflect on the true spirit of Christmas.