Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One One Three Seafood Restaurant @ Dengkil

Dengkil is a small town not far away from Putrajaya which has a lot to offer when it comes to cheap and tasty food. One of the restaurant I like to go is the One One Three Seafood Restaurant.

As a rule of thumb, seafood is quite expensive here even though they are fresh and well cooked. Hence, I always try to avoid ordering any seafood although been recommended by the restaurant.

"Tong Po" Meat (RM 12) is the signature dish here. The pork is slowly braised in sweet sauce. Notice the thick fat content on it.

Always remember to order the fried bun (RM 1 each) to go wit this pork dish. During lunch time, the fried bun might be finished shall you come too late.

This is how you savour the "Tong Po" meat. Stuffed it inside the bun like a sandwich and the taste is just heavenly. They say the fat is the best part but I just couldn't force myself to swallow it.

Tofu topped with mince meat (RM 8) is another great dish this restaurant has to offer. The tofu is soft and the meat blend just nice with the tofu.

I ordered sweet potato leaves (RM 6) which is pretty standard and nothing to it. I actually wanted to order paku but it was not available that night.

One One Three Seafood Restaurant
No. 1, Taman Sri Dengkil,
Jalan Air Hitam
43800 Dengkil