Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Decoration @ IOI Mall

IOI Mall did not have a fancy Christmas decoration compare to other malls in the vicinity. However, it still able to attract shoppers who live around Puchong area.

The new wing has a stage set up with some huge sales going on at the concourse area.

The management also hire a clown to cheer up the children. The clown will be able to make some cute animals and figures with the balloon for the children.

At the old wing, a wide range of Christmas goodies are available. A perfect place to shop for X'mas present.

Well, after all been said and done let's not forget the true meaning of Christmas. I believe the above picture will summarize the whole meaning of Christmas.


Unknown said...

so nice all the Christmas decorations! In my country dont have like tat. =(

Merry Christmas to you too! =)

ChrisAu said...

I was also there last weekend and I agreed with you their decors are not as good.

wenn said...

lovely! Merry Christmas!

PWT Sports Racing News said...

Love this post and Merry christmas!

PWT Harbal Products said...

Awesome post pics so beautiful

PWT Health Tips said...

Wow love this post