Monday, December 26, 2011

Jalan Pudu Steam Tilapia Fish

 I was introduced to a food stall at Jalan Pudu which serve pretty cheap tilapia fish for KL standard.

The stall does not have a proper name besides a giant sideboard which highlights its specialty, the steam gravy tilapia fish. The restaurant is opposite the Fei Por Restaurant at Jalan Pudu.

This food stall kind of using an alleyway between tho shophouses and converted to its own premise. There are quite a number of customers here by the time we arrived here around 8pm.

The steam gravy tilapia (fei zhou) fish is the specialty of this place. The fish is really huge and I was in awe of its size. The fish is actually cut into half but the size still amaze me. The price is unbelievable at RM 30++.

The fish is fresh and the spicy gravy is the best part as it blends well with the fish and there ain't fishy smell to it.

Another specialty dish here is the fried chicken cooked with salted egg. This is something out of the ordinary and the saltiness is just right and I truly enjoy this dish.

Make sure you ordered this correctly by the number of pieces of chicken you intended to have. The peg on the plate reads "4" which means 2 pieces of chicken wing and 2 pieces of drum stick.

We ordered a plate of vegetable and like most vegetable meals, there ain't much I can write about it.

I have no idea on the price breakdown on each individual meal but it total up to RM 54++ with 2 cups of tea and rice.


soulesscloudy said...

i ate big fish that cut into half.. doesnt like that.. too big..

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