Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seremban Square

I kind of come across Seremban Square by accident in my recent visit here. I been told this was once a wasted land and the municipal council converted it to a beautiful square in May 2008.

It is not a big square by any standard. It is roughly situated between Seremban Parade and Terminal 1, not far away from the Seremban KTM Station.

The most prominent structure is the 100 feet flag pole which is regarded as the tallest flag pole in Negeri Sembilan.

Another feature incorporated to this park is the water fountain which I reckon will be quite a sight at night.

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Anonymous said...

Before it became a "wasted land" it was the site for a school - Sekolah Convent. The old school was torn down because it was deemed "stucturally unsafe".