Friday, June 3, 2011

First World Hotel

First World Hotel at Resort World Genting is the most sought after accommodation at the hilltop resort of Genting. It is the cheapest hotel among the 5 hotels available here.

The hotel caters for the masses and the budget conscious. It has a massive 32 check in counters to accommodate the almost never ending queue.

To overcome the long queue, the management had created check in and out kiosk to speed up the process. Check in is a breeze. All I need to do during check in is to insert my identification card (I had paid for my room online earlier) and the room card and a slip will popped out. The slip will indicate the room number and tower block. Complementary breakfast is also provided and it is important to retain the slip for the meal redemption later.

To check out, simply insert the room card and the process is done. Definitely an innovative way to beat the queue.

This 3 star monolith with gaudy exterior paint is the biggest hotel in the world with 6,118 rooms.

Rooms here come with 5 digit numbers and it is quite a long walk to reach my room.

There are about 2 water dispensers on each floor. Hot and room temperature waters are readily available. The hotel claims that the tap water in the room is safe for consumption but I am not taking any chance.

Walking along the corridor, I noted a room specifically for guests who need to get their clothes ironed out.

The standard room (I got it for RM158 during peak season via best rate from their site) is rather small with all the basic amenities available. There is no air conditioner as the cool temperature here is enough to offer a good night sleep. A ceiling fan is added to the room to assist in the air flow.

The toilet and shower room are separated but the cubicles are rather tight and barely fit 1 person in at a time.

I reckon this is my second stay here and again I was given a room with an ugly view. This is not my favourite hotel whenever I visit Genting but somehow it is the most affordable around here

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Reanaclaire said...

Yes, now is peak season.. my kids and i stayed there too.. as u said, the toilet is very narrow.. can hardly turn around in ease..hahahaa..