Monday, June 13, 2011

Genting Theme Park Hotel Garden

There is a small park just in front of the first hotel built at Genting, Theme Park Hotel which probably did not received it much deserved attention from visitors to Genting resort.

I believe this small park was established around the same time as the hotel. I reckon it offers the best view while walking outside the Genting complex.

I can see Kuala Lumpur city on a fine day with the iconic KL Twin Towers and KL Tower clearly visible from this point.

The latest attraction around here, Chin Swee Caves Temple as seen from the vantage point in the garden.

The maze path within the garden.

It's a perfect way to get some sun shine after a long day inside the Genting complex while breathing the cool fresh air at the hilltop.


Billy Toh said...

Hey thanks for this post. I never realize the existence of this park. And the view is amazing. What camera u use to shoot the amazing snapshot? Looks nice.
The next time I go Genting will definitely go there for a visit...haha!!

I AM A BLOGGER said...

ur post really opens my eye side~~~^^

kyh said...

i remembered that maze! used to play it when i was young :)

Borneo Falcon said...

KianHinish: I took the photos with normal compact digital camera only(Olympus u-9000).

Antonio Bauer said...

That garden looks like the yard of the hotel. The sights in your photos look very grand... and the hotel itself is located around all that beauty. It's great at how there are so many trees around that place.