Wednesday, June 22, 2011

History Room @ Hotel Puri Melaka

The History Room in Hotel Puri Melaka somehow manage to attract local and foreign visitors during my stay at this hotel. I could see endless flow of visitors coming to the hotel and made a brief stop to admire the artifacts inside the hotel's own small private museum.

It has quite an artifacts, most probably from the original house itself. The Malacca history and story are also been highlighted in this museum.

The story and history of this house from its original owner until its careful restoration to the present hotel is well depicted here.

Betel box & tray

Figures with Portuguese warrior wearing a fine suit of armour

Items collected from the Japanese Rule (1942-1945)

Artifacts collected during the British Rule (1795-1957)


Reanaclaire said...

Very educational hotel.. good to stay there.. thanks for info..

M-Knight said...

nice... shall visit this hotel on my next trip to Melacca

rider said...

It is a quite antiques and probably the original of the house itself. Malacca was also history and the story highlighted in this museum.

Hoteis em buzios

I AM A BLOGGER said...

i really love those antique^^

the Charioteer said...

nice pichas!