Thursday, June 9, 2011

Resort World Genting

Genting Highlands Resort sits on the 1,800m Gunung Ulu Kali, some 50km from Kuala Lumpur. The idea of creating this hilltop retreat was first mooted by the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong in 1964 for Malaysian seeking a cool mountain holiday resort. It was finally operational in 1971 after much effort.

Navigating around Genting could be easy or confusing depending on how fast you can get your bearing around the place. There are no streets of any kind. Basically the entire complex is connected with link ways, underground tunnels and escalators with comprehensive signage to the intended destination.

The main attraction here is the casinos which never sleep and is the only legal place to gamble in Malaysia.

The outdoor theme park on the other hand is the star attraction to the children as well as for the teenagers. It is usually crowded during school holiday.

Arcades centre is also available with the latest video games to keep the children occupied.

Visitor here also have an opportunity to shop in Malaysia's highest shopping mall. The price of the goods here are comparable to those found at the city.

The First World Plaza is a mix of indoor theme park and shopping mall with replicas of random landmarks from around the world, all covered in a giant metal roof that makes the entire place a bit dark and dingy.

Visitor here also have the opportunity to experience the gondola ride, as can be found in Venice, Italy.

In fact, there are a lot of activities to engage while in First World Plaza and one can even experience snow as if in the winter season.

Genting is an ideal place to seek entertainment in the midst of cool surrounding. Although the place has a lot to offer, the food here is generally overpriced and mediocre.


soulesscloudy said...

long time no go genting... shd go there relax relax one day...

wenn said...

genting is indeed a fun place.

Billy Toh said...

Well, I like the weather there but then the last time I went with my friends, they spent the night at the casino...what a waste of time for me...but I definitely enjoy the weather and environment in the Starbucks it!! if you are free, do look at my post on my recent trip to Penang...

Snow World said...

Had super fun in Snow World! Hope to come there real soon.. My first time in winter, I mean in snow, he he..