Sunday, September 19, 2010

Penang Times Square

Penang Times Square is set to be one of the newest landmark in Georgetown. Located along Jalan Dato Kramat, it is just a stone's throw away from KOMTAR

I was rather intrigued by the open spaces just outside the shopping mall. It has some creative sculptures and water fountain.

Another sculptures at the edge of the open space which was constructed in 2009 caught my attention.

These sculptures actually depict the history of this very site. This site used to be a land occupied by the Escoy Smelting Company. The smelting started on this site in 1898 and continued until 1998. Here, a British superintendent directing a Javanese labourer who is carrying bars of smelted tin.

Distance of the main cities around the world from Penang can also be found on the direction sign board next to the scupltures.

The interior of the shopping mall is rather spacious, suitable for organizing event and exhibition. However, not many shops are operating here yet. Hence, the lack of shopping experience for the time being.

This is actually the master plan for Penang Times Square which incorporate the shopping mall, residential block, commercial block, hotels, convention centre and a monorail station. Looking at this model, I can imagine the magnitude of this project and the construction work is still ongoing outside.


Bengbeng said...

never been here. the last time i was back,it hadnt opened yet

Anonymous said...

This is lovely....landmark to be?


CathJ said...

oh nice place.. I never been here.. :)

acura said...

I went there during my last visit to Penang. The place was deserted with just a few shops opened. I left feeling disappointed with the mall. Looks like nothing much has change yet

escape said...

make sure to feature it again when all those structure are already completed.

shawnn loo said...

halo, long time i didnt come already. ur blog still lots of nice pics.. ^^ have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Well in March 2011 Penang Times Square is starting to find its place in The City.
But some of the shop owners have been treated very terribly by the developer.
Those on the second floor , they have been given
a very bad deal and soon it will all come out in a class action to be launched by the shop owners against the developer.