Sunday, September 26, 2010

Prince Synergy Badminton Racquet

Recently I purchased a Prince badminton racquet as a replacement for my aging and cracked Carlton Aerogear 800 (purchased in 1992). Prince racquet quality and performance is rather vague as very few professional badminton players are using this brand.

Prince Synergy was originally priced at RM169 but the store is having a 30% discount on the Prince racquet and it works out to be RM118.30. It is definitely a good price if it has a decent quality on the court. I picked Prince Synergy as it has almost the same characteristics of my older racquet which need replacement

According to its specification, the racquet weight is 86g when unstrung with high flex shaft and maximum tension of 25lbs. The racquet is obviously made for a more attacking players.

Prince is an American brand but the racquet is fabricated in China. The company is better known to manufacture squash and tennis racquet. There is definitely a lot of doubt when it comes to a badminton racquet.

It don't have much information on the features or technology incorporated in the racquet except that it is fabricated using hot melt graphite.

Time to put the racquet to the test. It was strung with Yonex Nanogy 98 at 21lbs. It has slightly heavier head to create more momentum when smashing.

The racquet is quite compatible with my playing style and I'm comfortable playing with it. It produces quite a powerful smash and stroke. It has some degree of controllability on the shuttlecock. In fact I been winning matches against my "bogeymen" after using this racquet a few times now.

I am quite impressed and satisfied with Prince Synergy and Prince definitely come out with a decent racquet this time around. I will definitely get another Prince racquet soon as it has the quality I am looking for and it ain't expensive

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ChrisAu said...

Is that good? Im still searching for a suitable racket for myself. I last use Armotec 700 but it's too heavy head though I like the power when smashes. Now, IM using Apac Nanofusion which ic very light and 5U.