Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What I Up To in Sibu Last Week

I had a rare opportunity to go back home for 3 days 2 nights last week, taking advantage of the public holiday last Friday. Sibu had been dubbed as Swan Town for quite some time now and here are some of the activities I engaged for such a short period of time.

Take kampua mee and any hawker food stall. The nice thing about food here is that they come in huge portion and cheap.

Take a stroll along the Rejang River and watch the bustling riverine activities.

CNY atmosphere never seems to diminish from this small town. One can still feel the atmosphere until the very last day.

One can get beer and booze here for a song. It's almost like a heaven here for drinkers like myself :)

I feel blessed somehow this year with all the predicament I have to face with my new work but I was still able to celebrate the 1st and the last day of Chinese New Year at home. I practically feast on my last day at my in law and my parents house.


CH Voon said...

hehehe hometown always is the best right :p

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Wah....so many food.

Annie Q said...

Kampua!! I miss kampua, i am going to have it next month!!

Malaysia Asia said...

Happy CNY to you and your family. Glad you had a feast there. I had mine up north in Taiping, Penang and then Ipoh for CNY :)


I AM A BLOGGER said...

home sweet home~~~~

ChrisAu said...

guess u enjoyed yourself at home. Lots of good food there!