Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Worst Training Experience

I had the worst training experience in my life while attending a course at Pasir Gudang this week.

This is the dorm that was been offered to us initially. It was hot and only equipped with ceiling fans. There is no blanket and the floor is of cement. To make things worse, there is a lot of mosquito hanging around this place.

The lockers in the dorm are also in a very sorry state. I don't feel like storing my stuffs inside.

They only have communal toilet and bath room for the men. I hope to see the last of communal toilet after I left my university some 10 years ago but here I was left with little option.

The toilet is dirty and I don't feel like taking a dump here. I don't think I have a proper shower those few days as I just want to get out from that cubicle as soon as possible.

After we lodge our complaint, we were given slighter better dorm, the guest room. Somehow, we manage to squeeze 12 people in this room. The room has 2 units of air conditioners. However, we were not provided with any blankets on the first night and we were basically freeze to death. Nobody had a good night sleep. We were given blankets the next day but they were smelly and kind of dusty.

This is our dining room cum discussion room at night. Basically we were well fed, 6 times a day.

The lecture room is probably the best part of the whole duration of the course. It's huge and comfortable.

At the end of the day, I made a lot of friends where we bunk together and laugh about it.


Henry Lee said...

wahh.. so bad la... like PLKN worr..

The CleverMunkey

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...


wenn said...

well, what to expect? u don't need to pay a single sen for this kind of course.

Bengbeng said...

i doubt i will b able to sleep well in this kind of dorm the initial one u had.. i hate mosquitoes when i am sleeping n they r buzzing around

Cindy said...

Gee...I'll run away if i see the toilet and room in such a condition.