Monday, March 1, 2010


In my latest trip back (26-28 February), both my flights suffered delays which cause me valuable time considering I only have 55 hours to spend in my hometown.

The first incident was the KL-Sibu flight by MAS. We were asked to evacuate the aircraft when it just left the aerobridge.

Apparently, there was a serious malfunction on the aircraft and the commander of the flight decide not to fly.

This is my second incident in 6 months with MAS where the aircraft suffer malfunction just after leaving the aerobridge. This time around, I snapped the call sign number of the aircraft. MAS eventually replace it with a functional aircraft but I lost nearly 2 hours already.

Call it a twist of event and my return flight from Sibu-KL by Airasia also cost me nearly 2 hours of delay. I arrived LCCT around 0030 and I missed the last ride on KLIA Transit. I have no choice but to opt for taxi which charge 50% surcharge after midnight. To make things worse, it was a long queue outside for taxi. I heard someone waited for more than 1 hour for a taxi. I was fortunate as one of the taxi driver (not those pirated taxi) came to me out of nowhere and ask where I want to go. Hence, I arrived at my place at 0130 today. Barely have enough rest to start my day until now.

This is my second incident having to bear the long taxi queue when taking night flight. I am considering not to take a night flight to LCCT again in the future.


CH Voon said...

mmm nowaday... airline like to delay delay and make us exhausted. or they partner with taxi company to earn ur 50% money hehehe

Reanaclaire said...

so far, i took the air asia, there were no delays .. :) so far, so good.. but i heard from my frens having the same dilemma as u..

Bengbeng said...

u know most of the pics at the Tua Pek Kong procession were available by six. u could have made it. i did think of calling u but was afred u might get caught up in the terrible traffic jam. by six all the participants n vehicles etc were already there but not reached the trance like state yet

ChrisAu said...

So sorry to hear that...time to boycott MAS for other budget airlines.

Annie Q said...

Now i better keep my finger cross and pray hard, no delay for my flight from KL-Sibu-KL by AA. Anyway i am taking the earlist flight, i heard the first flight normally no delay. I will travel alone with two boys, hope no delaying.

Borneo Falcon said...

The first flight usually on schedule. You better pray for the flights after that to be punctual