Friday, February 12, 2010

Transformers Energon: Demolisher

Demolisher is one of the most loyal Decepticons who will follow each orders issued by his fearsome leader, Megatron without question

The packaging of Demolisher in the Energon series by Hasbro. The transformation skill level was rated as 3 by the manufacturer.

It comes with Demolisher and 4 green missiles

Demolisher alternate mode in the Energon series appear to be a dump truck. One might mistaken him as Long Haul, one of the members of the G1 Constructicons whom combine to form Devastator.

While in alternate mode, Demolisher is capable to deploy its hyper power mode which reveals 8 missile launchers.

Demolisher was given a new armour by Megatron after his original form was destroyed by the energon grid while trying to save his leader. This is Demolisher previous armour in the Armada series.

When Megatron gave Demolisher his new armour, his intelligence and memory were totally wiped out so Demolisher can serve as Megatron loyal servant.

His new personality was highly aggressive and combative and would often perform backflips and beating his chest when excited.

Snowcat is Demolisher best buddy in the Energon series. Both of their personalities kind of complement each other.

Hyper Power mode been deployed in robot mode. I find the posture to be a bit awkward in this mode.

As with the Armada series, Demolisher still able to support 2 Minicons while in alternate and robot mode.

Demolisher bio data from the manufacturer. He is particularly durable and should at least a score of 8 instead of 5 in this card.