Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CNY Decoration in Pavilion Mall

Last weekend, I went to Pavilion Mall to purchase some items to bring back for Chinese New Year.

The first sight that caught my attention are the red lanterns which hang at the main entrance and the cheery blossom on both sides of the mall.

These trees are actually not the real cherry blossom but it is sure a beautiful sight and clearly depict that spring season is in the air.

While entering the main entrance in way of Bukit Bintang, one will notice giant red lanterns hanging overhead with make shift flower garden flanking the path

An arch and bridge once entering the mall. The bridge is sturdy and one can actually walk pass through it without any issue.

This is the prosperity rickshaw. One need to fork out RM30 for a ride and RM10 for photograph on rickshaw (what a rip off)

The interior of the mall is mainly decorated with traditional red lanterns and crane statues.

The departmental stores here and the temporarily stalls here also sell a wide array of Chinese New Year decorations and etc. The items on sale here create a red atmosphere, which kind of amplified the Chinese New Year mood in everyone.

I believe the management of Pavilion Mall had done a good job and able to capture all the elements of the celebration. Pavilion Mall is probably the best decorated mall in KL for the coming occasion.


alantanblog said...

The trishaw is very special. I think no other mall is offering this

Henry Lee said...

woa... nice shots! how's ur progress in kl so far??

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Wahhhhhhh very nice.

Carmen said...

is great to admire how people decorate the places... did you decorate your house too?

CH Voon said...

Falcon, now is not borneotip anymore lo :) it is malayantip :P

wah... you like to travel a lot of place when you are free.

cool... i ni lazy to travel hehe

escape said...

wow! good that you mentioned that those are not real cherry blossoms. i could have thought that it grows on tropical countries.

the grand chinese new year is already observed.

இ Baŋäŋaz இ said...

Wow nice red lanterns to spice up the atmosphere and the "cherry blossom" tree truly pulled a fast one. TQ

Ensurai said...

How wonderfully Spring and Chinese...