Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pasar Tamu Sri Aman

Pasar Tamu in Sri Aman is a must visit place for first timer to this town as it offers a variety of items one don't usually get to see elsewhere.

The tamu is located within the town itself and just a stone throw away from Hoover Hotel.

There are a number of stalls here selling food and snack. Just nice if one came here with an empty stomach.

Anchovies are widely available here.

There ain't much option for fish here and almost every stalls sell the same type of fish. Hence, I enquire the sellers and found out that this fresh water fish is sourced from nearby Lubok Antu.

For those who are looking for pet, gold fish, turtle, rabbit, hamster and etc are sold here

Fresh vegetables and jungle produce can be easily sourced here. According to the locals, some of those jungle produce have medicinal property and able to cure certain diseases.

Interesting thing is that there are a variety of rices to choose from here. They got all sort of rice namely Mamut, Kanowit, Bario, Bubuk and etc.

I don't see any florist shop in Sri Aman but flowers can be sourced right here at the tamu itself

Some traders trying to sell some wicked toys for the children.

The tamu is also an ideal place to shop for Iban's handicraft. One will have more choices here than any other souvenir shops in Sarawak. Best of all, they are sold cheaper here.


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...


foongpc said...

This pasar tamu is sure worth a visit! I normally go for the food, haha!

ChrisAu said...

Lot of fresh stuffs here! The locals must love it.

M-Knight said...

yeah...indeed a nice place to visit, I stop by the place last year on my way to Kuching

Ensurai said...

What a nice comprehensive report!

Thanks. Makes me want to visit Sri Aman.

wenn said...

i would love the handicrafts!

I AM A BLOGGER said...

what a lovely market^^

walkw/me said...

I love those cute turtles above.