Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY 2010: Day 1

First day of Chinese New Year just went pass like a flying arrow. So many things to accomplished with so little time.

For the whole day, I was fed with junk food, curry, soft drinks, beer and mandarin oranges.

Some of the houses we visited still have some leftover from last night firecracker. This red wrappings from the firecrackers means "wealth" for the owner and will not be swept away for the next couple of days.

In a nutshell, we have fun. I just wish I could stay behind a bit longer but I have to leave tomorrow night for work.


Owen Choo said...

Don't forget to bring some of these CNY junk foods when back to KL! ;)

Have a blessed year ahead!

I AM A BLOGGER said...

Have a great Tiger Year~~~~~~^^

wenn said...

happy working then!

June (An Asian Traveler) said...

Lots of food? Just think of it as years are coming of great abundance.:) Nice photo with your pretty wife.

Hope you and your family will have a great year ahead.

Kikey Loo said...

Happy Chinese New Year (^.^)

I haven't play cards for years :p

Bengbeng said...

Have a great trip to KL. :)

foongpc said...

yeah, me also took in lots of junk food! Must stop!!! : )

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said... many firecrackers.