Saturday, January 16, 2010

Transformers Energon: Snow Cat

Snow Cat is actually Cyclonus from the Armada series. Snow Cat was reformat and given a new armor by Megatron after sustaining a damage in a battle in the Energon series. He is known as Snow Storm in Japan.

The packaging by Hasbro. The manufacturer classified the transformation difficulty at level 3.

It comes with 2 missiles

Snow Cat's alternate mode is an Artic Exploration Vehicle. This is one neat vehicle mode.

In hyper power mode while in vehicle mode, twin laser cannons can be rolled out from its storage area. Skis also fold down for extra maneuverability in the snow.

Snow Cat in robot mode. He appears to have a big belly as the cockpit of the exploration vehicle form that port of his body.

He is one of my favourite characters in the Energon series due his knack for yodelling.

A comparison of Snow Cat and his former self in the Armada series.

Hyper Power Mode while in robot mode. The hyper powered cannons now are positioned over his shoulder. Ski poles would be perfect to complement the deployable skis while in this mode.

Snow Cat can still support Minicon in both vehicle and robot mode.

Snowcat's transformation manual by Hasbro

Snow Cat bio data. With his firebalst score at 7, Snow Cat has the lowest firepower among the Decepticons in the Energon Series (the other Decepticons in the series have at least a score of 8 in their profile). He is not considered a competent soldier by Megatron but still maintain his regular appearances on the battlefield.


Superman said...

Another new collections of Transformer. I guess you do really like Transformer a lot. Heard they are making the 3rd Transformer movie in 3D.

Era said...

i dont have transformer robot! but i have gundam new series!

Johnny Ong said...

did transformer's owner ever contact u?

Borneo Falcon said...

There are a few Transformers collectors who contacted me by e-mail on where I got them

the spool artist said...

i want one too!!!