Monday, January 18, 2010

Lubok Antu

Lubok Antu is a very small town located in Sri Aman Division. The town is about 68km from Betong and 85km from Sri Aman.

This hornbill arch welcome the visitors to the sleepy town. Just a few kilometers away from here is the renowned Hilton Batang Ai Resort.

The town is surprisingly small, comprising of a row of old Chinese shop houses, a town square cum basketball court, markets and a recreation park. I also notice a budget inn on a small hill behind the Chinese shop houses. However, there is no bank around this town.

The best place to start exploring this town is from the recreation park which is built next to the Batang Ai River.

This is the river (this is actually the water outlet from the dam) that powered the nearby Batang Ai hydroelectric dam

The water level of the river is consistently monitored to prevent it from overflowing

A small Chinese Temple facing the river at the recreation park.

There is this Orang Utan statue at the recreation park which seems to welcome visitors with a friendly gesture.

The observation tower at the recreation park gives a great aerial view of the town and surrounding. However, it is sad to see that the tower is filled with what I assume to be bird's faeces.

The town's main market and jungle product market

The old shop houses here are mainly built from wood and owned by the Chinese.

Local handicrafts and souvenirs are widely sold here at a reasonable price.

This is probably the oldest tree in town (located i n between the row of shop house) which I assume as old as the town itself.


M-Knight said...

nice place and thanks for all photos of the ulu ulu places which haven't gone exploring yet

Anonymous said...

Eiiii... lubuk Antu,,,,does that mean that place got ghost?

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June (An Asian Traveler) said...

I like the combination of recreation park and the river. Looks like a great place for a nice stroll and quiet reflection.

Happy New Year!

ChrisAu said...

It looks like a peaceful, dreamy town. Nice to go there to relax.

Ensurai said...

Very comprehensive photo story! Thanks. Was there many years ago.

CathJ said...

wow.. the name so scary lerr heheheh..

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foongpc said...

Heard of Lubok Antu and Batang Ai river but never been there. Nice photos of the river : )

Bengbeng said...

wonder where i will go next hehe

escape said...

i actually like the top view shot of the bricked walkway. as most of the places that you feature, they are all best for jogging.

the spool artist said...

love the basketry and the woven handicrafts! truly is a town with character!