Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fort Alice

Fort Alice was built in 1864 by Rajah Charles Brooke after defeating the last of the major Iban rebellion, Rentap in 1861.

The fort is not difficult to locate. It is located at Sri Aman's Esplanade which is also the venue to watch the famous tidal bore in town.

The fort was built on a small hill as the defensive structure controlling the Lupar River. It also offer a commanding view of the town itself.

It was built entirely of belian timber. This material provides the fort with thick walls to withstand a more aggressive attacks.

I would say Fort Alice is the most elaborated fort in Sarawak after Fort Margherita in Kuching with turrets/watch towers at each corner of the structure. I reckon Fort Alice is the second largest fort in Sarawak, which suggest the importance of Sri Aman back then.

The fort now is in a dilapidated state although most of the original structure remain intact

I also notice a few woods are used as supports to prevent the walls from collapsing

It is not even safe to venture into the fort itself. The ground floor and first floor structures are pretty much wasted and might crumble at any time.

I am puzzled as to why Fort Alice is in such a bad condition as generally all the other British forts in Sarawak which I visited are still maintained accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Im ashame to admit myself a Sarawakian, which my Government never bother to appreciate our historycal monuments and never have any effort to preserve it for our next generation.

Shame to Sarawak Government. Shame!

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

They should take care this place too.

Bengbeng said...

yea, i was afraid to actually enter the fort itself bcos the structure was itself unsafe