Friday, January 29, 2010

Sri Aman Esplanade

The upgrading and beautification work on Sri Aman esplanade has been completed and I was impressed with its current state.

The esplanade also serves as the observation centre for the famous tidal bore or known locally as benak. The tidal bore in Batang Lupar is created when the force of the tide water rushing up the river and causes the river to reverse its flow.

To find out when is the next tidal bore, check out the notice board at the esplanade. It will be more convenient if the time was made available in the internet.

The esplanade is a favourite place for the local to unwind and relax. This is something the local can be proud of beside the adjacent Fort Alice.

The esplanade extended to the other side of the hill where Fort Alice is situated. However, the path leading to the other side seems to be uncompleted and one will have to cling to the railing to avoid the muddy soil after a heavy rainfall.

On the other side, there is a circular shape recreational area which is unique in its own right. Below the structure is a what seems to be a small multi purpose hall or exhibition centre


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eunice said...

is this is Sarawak too? Whenever I look at your Sarawak posts, I'll find that the place is so peaceful, so relaxing!

I went Tasmania and blogged about it. Come join the travel contest too! :D

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the view is gorgeous!

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