Sunday, July 25, 2021

Ogon Carbon Passport Clip

As the current pandemic rage on, travel passport is pretty much sitting idle and collecting layer of dust. In fact my passport will expire next month and there is no plan to renew it for the time being. Even so, we shouldn't let an opportunity slip by when it presented itself at the right time.

Many online stores are giving massive discounts and I decided to purchase the Ogon Carbon Passport Clip at RM 306.35 from Oribags. This will be a long term investment for a protective cover for my passport as I been using cheap flimsy plastic protective cover all this while require constant replacement.

The packaging of the Carbon Passport Clip is about the same with their other wallet products. It comes with the Passport Clip and manual.

The Carbon Passport Clip (CPC) is made in France with genuine molded carbon fiber and its internal is padded with yellow soft spongy material which might get dirty over time.

The size is exactly the same with any international passport and weighted at 32g only.

The  CPC can carry passport, boarding pass and any other documents which have the same size of a passport. The manufacturer claims that the CPC is RFID safe and able to protect the chip inside the biometric passport.

Insert the passport from the side of the CPC and the passport will just smoothly slide into the clip effortlessly. I notice the bottom edge is curved slightly upward. I believe this is due to its design to hold the passport in place and the ease for the boarding pass to be inserted to the passport holder. The CPC holds the passport firmly and it will not come off unless you shake it violently.

With a thinner document, the upward bottom edge become less noticeable. As carbon fiber is strong and stiff, it will able to protect the passport from bend which can damage the sensitive electronic device embedded into it.

Retrieving the passport is also a breeze by using a finger to push down the passport. This is definitely a feature I like. With the previous plastic cover, it will be more cumbersome to remove the passport from it when going through the immigration clearance.

Ogon CPC is definitely pricey but this passport holder will last a lifetime without the need to change due to its durable material. The usage of carbon fiber also add to the aesthetic appearance of the holder while travelling.


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