Tuesday, July 13, 2021

AKIE Burger @ Putrajaya Presint 6

Malaysian are used to see Ramly Burger kiosk but I started to see AKIE burger kiosks mushrooming in some areas. One of the latest kiosk is located at Jalan Kajangan P6, just outside Apartment 5R1 in Presint 6 Putrajaya. The surrounding is clean with a park behind this kiosk.

Little did I know this franchise had its footing back in 2009 in Kuantan and had expanded to west coast of Peninsular Malaysia since then.

The kiosk here is manned by 2 friendly and hardworking guys. They open around 4pm until whatever time been allowed by the authority from the current standard operating procedure.

AKIE burger menu is pretty much standard and didn't differ much compare to the other street burger stalls. What set it apart from the others is probably the exotic meats which are the deer, rabbit, lamb and ostrich.

They still don't have any QR code for online payment as they don't know how to prepare it. Nevertheless, they display their Maybank account number for online transaction. I'm sure they will get better and have a QR code on display for online payment in the near future.

The packaging is just like any street burger stall. I ordered a beef burger special (RM4.50) and lamb burger (RM 4.50).

Eating a street burger is always a messy experience. So, expect the same here. The burger size will probably won't be sufficient to satiate an adult.

Inside this lamb burger is the lamb patty, lettuce, cucumber, mayonnaise and chili sauce. I wish they had add some slices of tomato into it. The lamb burger is satisfying. The lamb patty was not overwhelmed by the lamb smell. For those who crave lamb, this would be the burger to go to.

For beef burger special, they wrapped the beef patty with egg. The other ingredients that went into it is the same as the lamb burger except with the addition of seasoning sauce added to the egg which enhance the overall taste.

I will definitely fancy my chance to try their dear, rabbit and ostrich burger in the future.  

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