Saturday, July 10, 2021


My house was burglarized few years ago when we went on a holiday via a forced entry through the kitchen door. Since then, I always on the look out for effective and innovative way to reinforce the door whenever I can.

I get to know DoorJammer for sometime now before finally decided to commit in buying one from a local online platform for RM 117.70

Opening up its packaging, it comes with a pouch, extension foot and manual. It definitely looks smaller than I thought and I initially had doubt on whether it can withstand any attempt to break down any door.

The unit (with the extension foot) weighted at 251.5g which is quite light and ideal when travelling too.

It is about 120mm in length. The size is manageable and is quite convenient to be packed inside the bag.

The design of the unit is made up of a bottom flange, vertical piece, angled leg, ball joint and swiveling foot. It is designed in USA & UK but was manufactured in China. The manufacturer guarantee it against manufacturing defects for 12 months. The built quality is acceptable and the material feels strong enough to withstand any abuse.

To install it, insert the bottom flange into the gap under the door. It should be placed directly under the door knob. If the door has a high threshold, use the given extension foot. Twist the bolt clockwise until the foot is secured to the floor. I had given a few hard pushes to the door and the DoorJammer stood its ground pretty well.

DoorJammer works by directing the horizontal forces exerted on the door to the angled leg which will transfer the force to the floor and also the bottom flange which will be converted into vertical force to the door. This combination of force dispersion keep the DoorJammer onto the ground.

With its portability and strength, it can be used at home or while travelling for extra peace of mind.

The only drawback is the door need to have a gap of at least 5mm under it as the bottom flange is about 4.88mm thick.

The manufacturer also has another version called the "Lockdown" which is more robust, bigger and heavier for added security for residential and commercial properties

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