Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weihenstephaner Kristall Weissbier

After trying the Weihenstephaner Hefe, I decided to give the Kristall a try. Weihenstephaner had impressed me with their Hefe and I have high expectation on their other products.

A bottle of this 500ml Weihenstephaner is RM 19.50. It is a fair price since a pub will charge RM 27++ for the same item.

I believe it is brewed with the same method and ingredients as with their Hefe, just that the beer was filtered at the final stage. The alcohol content also remain the same at 5.4%

It poured a clear gold colour which is very easy to see through and a head that lasted for some time.

The taste is best described as a watered down and lighter version of their Hefe. It's sweet at first but soon develop with heavy banana tones and some clove. It is very well balanced and flavoured with a smooth finish

Overall, its a delicious and notably a fine wheat beer. Nonetheless, I prefer the Hefe over the Kristall. Something is just missing without the yeasty haze.


Bengbeng said...

it looks delicious. i need a drink soon the minute i get the go ahead to leave the home hehe

soulesscloudy said...

wow.. the nice bubble...

Tour packages said...

Beer is not bad to our health, but we have to limit in drinking otherwise it increase the belly.

tonethephone said...

I looked it very much, you have remembered my old days. I usually hang out with my friends and have the beer.