Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fisherman Restaurant Sibu

Fisherman Restaurant at Jalan Chew Geok Lin, Sibu is one of my favourite halal restaurant in town. They used to have a more attractive interior design before moving to the existing premise.

The restaurant shot to fame when it featured in TV 3 food show "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan" few years ago. Back then, the restaurant was operating at the old premise along Brooke Drive.

The restaurant will served prawn cracker (keropok) as an appetizer even when you didn't order it. A plate of this keropok cost RM2. It is high quality keropok, most likely came all the way from Mukah.

Dragonfruit juice and lemon lime juice which cost RM 5 each. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Lokan is one of restaurant signature dishes. It is a mixture of lokan's meat with other meat, stuffed with vegetable which then compactly packed into the clam's shell and deep fry to perfection. It cost RM 1.50 per piece.

Umai is the Melanau traditional cuisine. This is Sarawak' own version of sushi. It is prepared by using thinly sliced raw fish, mixed with onions, chillies, lime and a pinch of salt. The restaurant served one of the best umai in town (RM12).

Paku with belacan (RM 7). Well cooked and the belacan portion is just nice.

The sea cucumber soup (RM10) is pretty tasty. I reckon it is better than most Chinese restaurants in town.

This is the new dish introduced by the restaurant, sweet and sour lamb (RM 20). I have to admit, I never try a lamb cooked in such manner and I'm impressed with their creativity and it didn't taste awkward. Even the serving method is intriguing. The lamb is served inside a well baked pumpkin. By the way, the pumpkin itself is delicious!


Reanaclaire said...

the food here looks good.. wonder STP has visited this place or not.. :)

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Agree the food looks so delicious! Arghhhh I'm now hungry anyway thanks for sharing.