Friday, January 7, 2011

KL Railway Museum

Although the old KL Railway station is still operational, part of the main hall has been designated as an exhibition area for various old railway equipment.

The railway service in Malaysia has a long history and was initiated by the British during the colonial period. The museum will be an ideal base for the younger generation to appreciate its rich history.

There are a few rail car models on display in this museum. The model is a gift from the manufacturers when KTM brought the rail cars from them.

This is the steel cutting tool that was used in KTM workshop between 1940s to 1980s.

A weighting machine which was sourced all the way from Britain.

The ticketing system back then was really simple. This is actually the ticketing machine to enter the platform that was used in 1940s to early 1990s.

This huge thigh bone on display here has a story to be told. In 1894, there was a herd of wild elephants crossing the railway tracks where at the same time a train was traveling towards Teluk Intan station. Out of the blue, an elephant breaks away from the herd and attacked the train which caused it to be derailed. The elephant also died on the spot.

It is believed the female elephant was seeking revenge for the death of her cub about a month before the incident at the very spot as a result of the collision with a train.

The key token is a signaling instrument that were used from 1940 until present. The station master will insert the key token inside the red machine at the train station in order for the train to continue its journey.

Hydraulic jack plate was used in service between 1950s to 1980s.

The shunt signal was used as a signal for the on moving train. The red light will indicate the train to halt and to give way for the oncoming train, whilst the green light will allow the train to move on. The shunt signal was used since 1920's till present.

This is the model of the administration office, depot, workshop and KTM training school at Sentul that was built on 1976.

Some antique computer monitors and equipments used in the 1980s to 2000s.

Photos of first until present KTM general managers.

Various type of KTM uniforms and caps used between 1940s to 1990s

Coach manufacturing plate for Perak State Railway & Selangor State Railway


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