Friday, January 14, 2011

How to Pour a German Wheat Beer

To really enjoy the maximum potential of a Geman Wheat Beer, you have to pour it correctly. The beer has a character of its own and I had seen a number of people who pour it like any other beer or even drink it straight from the bottle.

First, the Weizen glass must be rinsed in cold water. Hold the Weizen glass at a slant and carefully pour the beer into it.

Do not pour the whole bottle content into it. Pour it until about 85-90% of the 500ml Weizen glass capacity.

With about 10-15% beer remaining inside the bottle, shake up the remaining beer with its yeast contents so that the yeast is properly distributed through the beer.

Finally, add the rest of the beer and yeast mixture by pouring it vertically into the Weizen glass. It should form a decent head.

Now, you can enjoy your wonderfully fresh Weissbier. It definitely tastes different if it was to be poured correctly.

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Interesting - and it does look tempting to taste! Cheers :-P