Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flying onboard MASwings ATR-72

I finally had an opportunity to fly onboard the ATR-72 during my recent Kota Kinabalu to Sibu trip. The ATR-72 had been purchased by MASwings to phase out their aging Fokker-50.

ATR-72 might look quite similar to the Fokker-50 for those who did not pay attention to details. It has more aerodynamic propeller blade and different design rear thruster. Another stark difference to the Fokker-50 is passengers have to board the aircraft via rear entrance.

The ATR-72 interior is way better and spacious compared to the Fokker-50. It has more leg room and I kind of enjoy my flight.

This type of modern aircraft also made life easier for the flight attendants as safety briefing is broadcast via the overhead screen.

Since my flight took 90 minutes, they served every passengers with light snack which consists of sandwiches and muffin.


Anonymous said...

Wow...u fly here and need to work meh?u must draw a high salary

foongpc said...

Nice plane! More leg space - that's cool! : )

escape said...

i cant resist those bits of snack that local airlines offer.

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Not bad snack.

Cindy said...

Dry snack! I don't like it!

Colleen said...

Nice plane!I would also want to ride in that wonderful plane.

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