Saturday, January 22, 2011

CNY Decoration at Pavilion Mall

Pavilion Mall once outperform itself again against other shopping complexes around the Bukit Bintang area. Themed "Petals of spring, drumming with prosperity", the management launched its Chinese New Year campaign with great festivity and celebration

Cherry blossom trees outside the mall. There is nothing new and fresh here as it was exactly the same concept as last year.

Shoppers will be greeted by a pair of larger-than-life prosperity rabbits standing at 2.4m at the Bukit Bintang entrance.

After entering the main entrance, shoppers will able to notice the Oriental lion head gallery which featuring the second largest lion head displayed in Malaysia, standing at 2m tall and 2.7m wide.

Drums are placed around the lion's head. Each drum signify certain wishes such as prosperity, wealth, peace and health. Shoppers are welcome to beat the drums as a way to usher in good fortune, health, happiness and peace.

As for me, I choose beat the Good Health drum. It is one thing money can't buy.

The main concourse is literally covered with red colour as a result of the various size Chinese lanterns and red carpet. I think the management kind of "recycle" the giant red lanterns used here at main concourse.


foongpc said...

The CNY decor looks almost similar to last year. Oh yes, money can't buy good health so it is an excellent choice : )

ChrisAu said...

I was there at Xmas and all the decor gone and replaced with CNY... hahah

escape said...

ive been so eager to learn to play those big drums (they usually call it taiko drums in japan). in fact i have a record of taiko music.

looking forward to the chinese new year posts!

Colleen said...

I like Rabbits and Dragons.Good creations.

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