Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sandy Beach @ Putrajaya

No one would have believe it if I were to say that there is a sandy beach in Putrajaya. In fact, I was rather surprised with my recent finding while exploring this area.

The man made sandy beach is located at Precinct 6, just beside the Putrajaya Pullman Hotel

The water here should be sufficiently clean as there are booms surrounding this beach so as to keep the contaminant from the lake from polluting the beach and its water.

Coconut trees can be found along this rather small stretch of beach. This would be an ideal places for taking photos as it has a nice background of the Putrajaya's bridges.


escape said...

it looks so much like sentosa in singapore.

seen said...

I had been there too. great place. some people even have their wedding photo shot there.

sourplum said...

hurm.. no wonder putrajaya needs a lot of money for maintaining it's facility..