Monday, August 30, 2010

Ramadan Buffet @ PICC

The fasting month presents me with an opportunity to feast on some of the buffet offered almost on ever nook in the city. One will be spoil of choices.

After doing some research around, I finally decided to dine at Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC) due to its reasonable price and soothing ambience.

The food here is served by Eden Catering, utilizing the convention centre entire dining area. They charge RM50 for adult and RM25 for children.

Diners can opt for open air balcony with a spectacular view of whole Putrajaya, the federal government administrative centre.

I was there early as the Muslim can only break their fast around 7.30pm, I took a round tour to have an idea what they got to offer. The satay, grilled seafood (fish, squid and stingray) and roasted lamb are in high demand here.

Large selection of assortment for diners to create their very own ABC and Chendol.

There are just too many desserts for me to choose from. They are just so colourful and tempting.

I got to be selective with the food as I do not want to get bloated too early into the buffet and get my money worth while dining here. I skipped the rice, noodle and pasta.

The satay is probably one of the best I had taken so far. Two thumbs up! The dim sum are also good although they didn't consist of any pork. It is best to avoid the prawn and clam as they are nowhere near tasty.

Some of the fruits are also disappointing like the mangosteen where almost all of them had turned bad.

My ice kacang. Not so great either. The hawker stall ice kacang is definitely better than this.

Some of the decorations which use real fruits where they are "carved" on.

They served 4 types of porridge here and manage to get hold of 2 of them as my stomach almost reached its maximum capacity. The porridge are delicious, just too sweet.

The other highlight here is the availability of the live band which sang various Hari Raya songs


escape said...

this surprises me as here, when puasa is being observed they eat less.

I AM A BLOGGER said...

wow! it is a lot of food~~~~!!!

Bengbeng said...

wow this is so high class compared to what i had in Sibu