Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ipoh Bean Sprouts Chicken & Dim Sum

Thanks to my sister and brother in law, I finally get a taste at the Ipoh famous bean sprouts chicken rice which I unable to savour it during my last visit here about a year ago.

There isn't much special about the chicken served here but the bean sprouts are legendary. The bean sprouts here are boiled in hard water and served soy sauce and topped with slices of chillies. Ipoh's beans sprouts appeared to be short and fat. It is much more tastier than the texture is just to my liking. Probably the availability of the lime stone water here made the difference.

Dim Sum is another delicacy not to be missed while in Ipoh. There are a few popular outlets around here and one just need to go around to sample for the best.


ChrisAu said...

i miss the bean sprout, chicken and hor fun!

escape said...

you never fail to make me hungry.