Sunday, April 11, 2010

JTi Walk-A-Hunt 2010

Yesterday I joined the annual JTi Walk-A-Hunt after last minute withdrawal of a colleague of mine. This is the first time I participated in such a game and I'm fortunate to be given an opportunity by my department to get involved.

JTi organize this game every year and I been told this was the 4th edition. They usually invite the government agencies to participate in the game. Registration started as early as 7am.

The venue for the game is at the Berjaya Times Square and our starting and finishing point is at the Cosmo's World Theme Park. In my many visit here, this is my first time entering Cosmo's World Theme Park.

We were given a tag for the theme park which basically allow us to play all day long in the theme park.

Before we start the game, JTi feast us with a breakfast in the theme park so we have the energy to endure the game.

Before the game started, the organizer gave us some safety briefing as well as the rules and regulations of the game.

We were flagged off at 0900 and we have exactly 4 hours to complete the tasks. This is me and my team mates who are all fired up for the game.

One of the tasks which carries the most marks (75%) is to solve a list of riddles given. Another 10% marks is figuring what is the "treasures" from the given clues. The "treasures" can be found at the Cold Storage supermarket here and we need to purchased them and show them to the organizer at the finishing point.

All the answers of the riddles can be derived from the name of the shops inside the Berjaya Times Square. For instance, one of the questions said "it all started from d8". For those who are familiar with chess, the answer is Black Queen.

Some of the answers can be found in the fine lines of the board or menu which we kind of overlook. Our strategy was simple. Copy all the shops' name on every floor where the questions applies and do the analysis (and even breaking the riddles' code) later. This strategy was effective as it saves us a lot of time but it kind of back fire as we do not pay attention to the fine lines along the way.

To earn extra 15 points, we have to complete 3 tasks and one of the compulsory task is for one of our members need to wear a sari (unable to snap a photo as we divide our task at that point). We also need to take 2 out of 4 terrifying rides inside the theme park. We can either take the Supersonic Odyssey, DNA Mixer, Spinning Orbit and Space Attack.

Somehow we all agreed upon taking the most scariest ride of all, the Supersonic Odyssey (roller coaster) and Spinning Orbits (high elevation rotation).

Since we able to finish the game at 1241 and got time to spare, we kind of fool around in the Honey Bump.

At 1315, we headed to the Manhattan Ballroom in Berjaya Times Square Hotel for lunch

I really enjoy my lunch here. The food and service here are great.

By 1400, the top 3 teams were declared. It happens that there was a tie for the top spot and the winner have to be decided by a tie breaker. The eventual winner was the host team itself, the JTi team.

With this first hand experience, I believe I will be more prepared for the next game as I had learned some basic concept to break their riddles


xsigns said...

Did you have to pay for the purchases at the shops with your own money?

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said... many peoples.

Anonymous said...

yeah.. me too .. first time participated that game.. walaupun x menang... dpt pengalaman n yang plg penting enjoy... dizzy till now.. coz of DNA mixer...

Borneo Falcon said...

xsigns: We have to pay for the "treasures" ourselves. They are a pack of camel brand peanut and a can of Pepsi Twist.