Friday, August 7, 2009

Uncle Dom Cafe

One of the new food outlet in Sibu town is the Uncle Dom Cafe at Lorong Chew Siik Hiong 1A. It is located at Fortune Commercial Centre, somewhere behind the Rejang Medical Specialist Centre.

It's interior design and some of the menu almost resemble of those in IpohTown Kopitiam. There are also tables outside the premise for those who opt for fresh air or even smoking.

There are some old photos hang at one corner of the cafe. I recognised some of them as the old buildings of Sibu town

The cafe counter highlighted some of the menu available here.

Each table here comes with candle light to create a romantic atmosphere.

Ipoh CHAM (Cold) is one of the specialty here. The cold drink fetch a higher price at RM3.90. Coffee lover should love Ipoh CHAM as well as other coffee selection here. The coffee here is thick and has a distinctive aroma.

Blackcurrant Sprite (RM3.90) is basically a mixture of Ribena and Sprite. Nothing to shout about.

Tom Yam Mee Hun Soup (RM7.90) is another trademark dish here. The tom yam soup is not that spicy and hot. Just nice and mild. Simply delicious and highly recommended.

Steak (with Black Pepper Sauce) did not meet my expectation. The sauce has some weird taste. This dish cost RM 15.90 and I would not recommend it.

The owner claims this Kampung Fish (RM6.90) is a must try dish here and I have to say it did not disappoint me. The sweet and sour sauce that comes with this dish make the difference.

Victoria Sponge Cake (RM6.90). Another disappointment. Better don't waste time and money on their cake.

In the nutshell, Uncle Dom Cafe seems to excel in Asian cuisines but fail miserably in Western cuisines.


Superman said...

The coffee is nice there. Very 'kau'.

Asian Traveler said...

There are many coffee bars in our place but I seldom seen set meals offered. I like to try the Tom Yam Mee Hun Soup and the Kampung Fish. Looks delicious.

Anonymous said...

The foods here are only look nice but not really tease well & the price is at high site. It looks like “over-charging” for this kind of food. However, the environment here is quick nice & comfortable. Not recommend for people who wants to eat good & tasty food. You can seek around elsewhere for much better, cheaper & tastier food.

Sendo said...

woah would love to try all those ...