Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tiong Hua Road Kompia Stall

The famous kompia (local version of a bagel) stall in Sibu is the one located at Tiong Hua Road Lane 26. It is actually located at the residential area and one might not realize there is a small food stall inside. The owner also live at this house. How convenient to have living and workplace just side by side to each other.

The whole porch of the house had been converted to food stall. Neat and clean. This place usually crowded around 12pm.

The stall had been around for ages since a lot of the old folks here knew about this place. At a corner of the stall, there are a few newspaper articles that wrote about this stall and photos of the owner when she was young. She is beautiful during her prime age.

All the food and drink prices are vividly displayed. The daughter of the owner seems to take over the operation of this stall now and I am not satisfied with the service rendered. She is rude by my standard.

The signature drink here is the sour plum juice (RM 1). I believe it is a concoction of sour plum, calamansi and sugar syrup. A refreshing drink during a hot afternoon.

The Caluk (RM1) is also served here.

Here comes the signature dish of this stall, the kompia. The kompia here served with the soup which is absorbed by the kompia to give it more aroma and flavour. It comes with meat (pork) or no meat. The meat version cost RM1.20 for 2 pcs. Strangely, the meat was not stuffed inside the kompia. Kompia which comes without the meat also cost RM1.20 for 3 pcs.

The stall should be closed in the event of flood since it is located at the low lying area which is prone to be flooded.


TNH said...

Oh..i though in Sibu only sell kosong kompia.

Heinlein said...

delicious? look like kompia with pork broth to me

Ben said...

Wow interesting. Never heard of kompia before. What does the kompia itself made from? From the photo, it look like a big fried beancud ;) The food and drink are generally cheaper... I've never come across drink with ice selling at RM 1 in West Malaysia lol ... Hmmm poor service, I think the daughter properly know she can easily get off with it as ppl will just come back for their cheap meal :P

Dora said...

The small scale food stall can actually earn some pretty good cash as the overhead cost is low.

Anonymous said...

nice, have heard about the stall but never been there. maybe one day. :D

Asian Traveler said...

I'm curious about the kompia. I'd like to try that someday.

If the owner or waiter is really rude, I can't see myself going back to that restaurant again. When I dine, I always look for good food and good service.

Borneo Falcon said...

If I remember correctly, kompia is made up of flour, salt and topped up with sesame seeds

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

RM 1 is cheap

Bengbeng said...

indah khabar daripada rupa is what i say.. initially i used to love kongpia from ths lady. but recently many new places r offering kongpia equal or even better nowadays.

i took a few West M'sian bloggers there to sample her stuff. on one of the occasions after 10 mins there including waiting for her to serve the kongpia she chased us off bcoz others were waiting so she said. i dont mind being told nicely that she had too many customers etc but she was downright rude including her husband.

perhaps she was already biased towards us as one of the bloggers was looking for a sink to wash hands. he was polite too but spoke English. luckily we didnt bring any cameras. she would literally blow her top if we had.

I have never gone back there since. Not that i miss her stall. Nothing much really considering there r so many choices nowadays

Borneo Falcon said...

Glad someone agree with me that the owner is rude. I agree, there are many good stalls now selling good kompia. I think one of them is a stall in Rejang Park

jam said...

I have not been there since long time cause I never like the service there. BTW, how good is considered good kompia. Other ok as well. This place is certainly overrated!