Saturday, August 8, 2009

Military Exhibition: Armoured Vehicles

A military exhibition was held at Sibu Town Square on 7th-8th August. The exhibition was organised by Third Battalion of Royal Ranger Regiment in conjunction with its 44th anniversary.

Some of the armoured vehicles used by the Regiment were showcased here to the public. This is a 2 ton 6 x 6 Pinzgauer Mortar Transporter. This transporter weight at 4500kg and can be loaded up to 1700kg. It is powered with water cooled 6 cylinder diesel engine with turbocharger.

I believe this motorcycle is used by the Regiment in rough terrains. This Scrambler Honda 250 R cost initially at RM17,996 and weight at 105kg.

For those who are familiar with the computer game called "Civilization", this unit looks very much the same like the mechanized infantry unit. This unit official name is called the RPZ Condor Twin GPMG.

The RPZ is armed with 2 units of MGKA 7.62mm at the front and 1 unit of the same weapon at the rear. It is also equipped with 3 (left and right) smoke launchers and 6 (left and right) high explosive fragment launchers.

The interior of the RPZ. This unit can accommodate up to a maximum of 10 personnel. The public is allowed to go inside and explore its interior.

The RPZ also had a mini winch mounted in front of the unit

This light armoured tank is called the SIBMAS AFSV 90mm 6x6

The SIBMAS main weapon is the 90mm Cockeril with 3 units of MGKA 7.62mm as its secondary weapon. It also has 4 (right and left) smoke launchers and 4 (right and left) high explosive fragment launchers

This unit can accommodate 4 personnel

This vehicle had the ability to float and maneuvre in the water

The SIBMAS also had toolbox and winch at its exterior housing


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Superman said...

Wow. Those are really hightech type of vehicles.

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wow cool tanks and artillery! =D

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wow cool, didn't know about the exhibition :P