Friday, April 15, 2022

Star Hill Inn, Kapit

While in Kapit, most of the hotels here are mainly located on the first floor of the shop houses. The hotel scenes here haven't change much since decades ago. There are not much to choose between them so I ended up with Star Hill Inn.

To reach the hotel lobby in most of the hotels here, one will have to walk up the stairs to the first floor.

Star Hill Inn lobby area is a bit well decorated compare to the others in their class. There is a water dispenser near the check in counter.

The room here is quite spacious but a bit run down. Most of the room rate at this town is at RM 100. Staying in any hotels in Kapit is like staying in a budget hotel. 

There isn't much view from here and one is likely to see another person home who happen to stay above the shop house.

As the town is now accessible by road from Sibu, it is time to have a better quality hotel for incoming visitors.

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