Sunday, August 22, 2021

Kerteh Apartment

Finding a decent accommodation in Kerteh is quite a challenge until someone introduce me to Kerteh Apartment. It isn't hard to find this location as there are a few nearby landmarks such as McDonald's, Lembaga Tambung Haji and Wok & Grill Cafe.

The apartment itself is old but the management had done a good job in maintaining the buildings. It didn't have a tired facade and been coated with fresh paint occasionally.

The lift itself is old and was registered during the Factories and Machinery Department era which was now rebranded to Department of Occupational Safety and Health in 1994. The corridor of the apartment is also clean and well maintained.

I was blown away when I stepped into the apartment. It has 2 rooms; a master room and another smaller room. The living room is spacious and completely furnished. All the bedrooms and living room are fitted with air conditioner unit. It also has a proper kitchen with cloth drying area. There is even a washing machine here. One just need to bring own detergent to be able to use it. I really can't ask for more as the room rate is RM185 per night.

There is also a balcony to chill out. I wish they could have prepare a few chairs to be placed here.

There are a number of shop houses and restaurants at the surrounding area but mostly was closed at the time of writing. Probably it is due to the aftermath of the pandemic or it just happen to be on Friday.

The only McDonald's outlet in Kerteh is located just a stone throw away. The people here seems to enjoy the fast food so much that i notice a beeline at the drive through from lunch time until late at night.

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