Wednesday, August 4, 2021

24 Bottles Urban 500ml

As my current stainless steel water bottle is due for replacement, I am spoilt by many choices. However, I decided to stick to 24 Bottles as I am also getting their Clima bottle at the same time. Their stainless steel bottle is called Urban bottle.

I opted for a 500ml bottle (RM 109) as the 1 litre version is not available at this region. "A Thousand Years" is the name of the art work given to this bottle. 

There is a -0.08 marking on the bottle which means 0.08kg of carbon dioxide is produced for every disposable plastic bottle. Hence, every time 24 Bottles is used for filling, there will be 0.08kg less carbon dioxide be released into the atmosphere.

Some of the key selling points of the Urban bottle is its lightweight and food grade 18/8 stainless steel. Its cap is made entirely of plastic. The bottle mouth is more rounded than the Clima bottle and this make drinking from the bottle a lot more pleasant.

This is the main reason for the need to replace my existing bottle. Paint is starting to flake off and easily attached to the hand. There will be a health implication if the paint somehow inadvertently ingested into my body. I am hoping the same will not happen to 24 Bottles in the long run.

The Urban bottle is really lightweight and measured at 115.9g on the scale, which is actually lighter than its specification printed on the box (118g). The Urban bottle is also lighter than the Nalgene 1000ml water bottle.

As a comparison side by side with a 500ml plastic bottle, it is about the same size. There is no metal smell inside the water when using this bottle. With its lightweight and size, it is very portable and stylish to be used while working in the office or travelling.

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