Saturday, August 7, 2021

Dango A10 Rawhide Single Pocket Adapter

The A10 single pocket adapter is one of the accessories which can be used with the A10 Adapt Wallet to increase its functionality. When Oribags offered a major discount on all their products during the Full Movement Control Order, the price for A10 single pocket adapter had dropped to RM95.

The A10 single pocket adapter has similar card carrying capacity with the A10 pull pocket adapter. In term of size, they are almost identical. Both of them also comes with polycarbonate sliding plate to attach itself to the rail of the A10 Adapt Wallet.

The A10 single pocket itself can hold up to 3 cards and it is super light (0.6 oz). As the rail system of the A10 Adapt Wallet may scrap the edge of the cards, I tend to keep more important cards which I try to avoid to get delaminate into the A10 single pocket adapter. It has a thumb slot below it to facilitate pushing the cards out.

It is made of full grain leather and there is also the D-TEX non-leather material available.

The rawhide A10 single pocket adapter compliment well with the champagne gold A10 Adapt Wallet. It didn't add much thickness of the existing chassis and gives a nice balance of metal and leathery feel to the wallet.

I have been using the Dango A10 single pocket adapter together with the A10 Adapt wallet for about 3 months now. I find it sleek and stylish together with the A10 Adapt Wallet. Using it also means I can carry 2 more extra cards when using together with Dango A10 Adapt Wallet.

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