Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Pulse Oximeter and Covid-19

Oxyhemoglobin is a very important parameter for the respiratory circulation system and one convenient way to measure the blood oxygen level is by fingertip pulse oximeter.

With mass Covid-19 testing still an issue here, having a pulse oximeter could be handy. Covid-19 cause direct injury to a person's lungs which have impact on well oxygen is transferred in the bloodstream. It will be a matter of life and death when the oxygen level is low.

Nowadays, we hears many cases where young person with Covid-19 appear well but have very low oxygen level. By the time, they become seriously ill, it will be too late to rescue them. Hence, it is imperative that our blood oxygen level is regularly monitored and detect any anomalies at early stage.

With that in mind, I decided to get myself an oximeter which sell like hot cakes now. There are many cheap oximeters in the market but as a rule of thumb, anything above RM100 would be a dependable device. This ChoiceMMed model MD300C15D cost RM183.

Inside the packaging includes a pulse oximeter, lanyard, user manual, pouch and 2 X AAA batteries. According to the manual, the oximeter has a lifespan of 5 years when it is used for 15 measurements every day and 10 minutes per one measurement.

The oximeter is powered by 2 AAA batteries and are to be fitted at the battery compartment below the unit.

This oximeter is simple to operate and compact to carry around. This is how you opened up the unit to slide any finger into it for measurement. There is no pricking and is a non-invasive monitoring method.

The oximeter works by using infrared light refraction to measure how well oxygen is binding in red blood cells where two beams of different wavelength of lights can be focused onto the nail tip through the clamping finger type sensor.

There are 2 readings which can be read from the oximeter. The measured arterial hemoglobin saturation value is in percentage and healthy individual should register reading between 95-100%. If the reading is below 90%, that should raise an alarm and one should make a trip to hospital to get treatment even if one appear to be healthy and without any Covid-19 symptoms.

Another reading which was capture is the pulse indicator. a normal reading should be in the range of 60-100bpm.

Oximeter should not be consider as the ultimate screening test for Covid-19 but it can give early indication of what could go wrong with our respiratory system and seek early help.

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